About me


The greatest passion

My name is Przemek Krawczyński. I was born in 1983. I live in Łódź, Poland.

Although I have always had artistic inclinations, first and foremost, I have a scientific mind.

In 2009 thanks to my mom, for the first time in my life,  I accidentally came across the gourd fruit. As soon as I made my first gourd lamp for myself, I knew that I wanted to make another one.

Exploring this craft and the play of light, the mesmerizing way in which it can change an ordinary interior into a warm, enchanted landscape, soon became my greatest passion.

Important decision

At that time I studied building engineering and used to work in an architecture studio. However, in 2010 I decided to quit my studies and job and devote my energy to doing something I loved the most.

Just after that, I made a trip to Senegal from where I brought African calabashes. Since then, they have become the raw material for my handcrafted lamps.

“Going out on a limb” was a daring step, but this was the turning point in my life. Although the road was long and full of sacrifices, it is the road of passion and growing as an artist. I never regret my decisions.


“In a different light”

An inspiring story about the greatest passion, big decisions, and dedication in growing as an artist.
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My attitude

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” – Emile Zola

I am an autodidact. My aim is constant progress in my work, excitation of pushing the envelope, the evolution of my imagination and creativity and the improvement of my skills.

I believe that I have been given some talent and potential from God and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to discover the best way to express and develop it. Creating Calabarte lamps brings me personal development and constant self-improvement.

An inspiration

I search for inspiration in everything around me; the idea can pop into my head at any moment. However, as Pablo Picasso said:

“An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought.”

My biggest inspirations are fractal art, geometry and all types of geometrical, harmonious patterns and constructions. In my projects, I look for harmony and cohesion. I enjoy complicated, varied and composite patterns; nothing about their arrangement is random.

I don’t look for inspiration in any substances that change consciousness. I value the sobriety of my mind in creative work.


By Work Alone

After hours spent on focusing on creating lamps, I like active recreation, preferably close to nature. I love biking (more aggressive), swimming, walking in the mountains, playing African drums or simply spending time with my family. I enjoy valuable books and good music.

The companion on my journey is my beloved wife Lena. She is the best support and friend to me. She also helps me to keep a healthy balance between my work and private life.

In one of the pictures, you can see my beloved mother Anna, thanks to whom my adventure with gourd has begun.