The latest Calabarte table lamp “Escher’s Leaves” and its organic design was an inspiration to make another unusual photo session.

The aim was to go beyond the lamp as an object itself, and to use it and its light as an element of the enchanting, fairy-tale photographs, loosely referring to nature and Slavic mythology, where the leafy light effects created by the lamp seem to awaken ethereal, sensual forest beings. 

The photographs were taken by rewarded Polish photographer – Magdalena Franczuk.

The result of this project is the first edition of Calabarte Calendar 2018 – high quality, elegant and artistic publication.

You can purchase it only directly from Przemek Krawczynski.
Contact: [email protected]

It is also possible to order the high-quality prints of these photos in the desired size. For more info, please contact via email.


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