Extremely organic, yet precisely charted spiral-based pattern of this handcrafted lamp was inspired by work of the great M.C.Escher.
It took 5 months to create it. 

The pattern of this the lamp was inspired by the work of M.C.Escher, created in 1944.
The leaf design was built on a spherical, spiral grid, creating two symmetrical, continuous forms being in perfect equilibrium. The whole gourd is carved, including the perforated openwork leaves (based upon Voronoi diagram), which create flowing and calming light patterns bringing a peace to every interior.
The texture of the dark contours was made with a very precise wood burner and it’s been the first lamp where this technique was applied.
It’s the biggest Calabarte table lamp so far – the height is 57cm. The head of „Escher’s Leaves” is made of gourd from Mali. Its bigger diameter is 27 cm.
The diameter of the base is 34 cm and it is finished with the black jewelry waxed cord. The openwork ending part is carved from wood. Its motif is closely related to the main pattern of the lamp.

“Escher’s Leaves” and its organic design was an inspiration to make another unusual photo session which can be seen here.

PRICE: 20,000 USD / 17,200 EUR.
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