MARCH 2013


The term “fractal lamp” doesn’t have to refer to the exact fractal shape; it can be subtly based on its geometry and this is what happens in Florescence – the intricate floor lamp by Calabarte.

The head of this exquisite lamp is made of Senegalese gourd. Its diameter is 29cm. The height of the whole lamp is 161cm.
The wooden base is made by Stanisław “Siacho” Smerecki from UniqueWoodDesign.
It is wenge wood (Millettia laurentii) from central-west Africa (Congo, Cameroun).
Diameter of the base is 32cm. The supporting stem is finished off with black jeweler waxed string.

95% of all holes in the lamp were first planned and place of each single hole marked.
The lower perforated part contains 111 circles. Depending on the diameter, each pattern is different. All the circles are made of exactly 5942 holes. Going up is the part with nine carved circles around. The axis of symmetry of every next circle is rotated by 40 degrees. Analogously is with the rings in each big circle. Every inner ring of circles is rotated by 40 degrees from the outside one. Between big carved circles, on the top and the bottom, on the perforated part, you can see the circles that are drilled according to the same principle.
In the whole lamp, there are approximately 16.000 holes (+/- 200).

Here you can see the pictures from extra photo session taken using the light of the lamp.

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