November 2016


The name of this complex, handcrafted floor lamp by Calabarte comes from the words „calming, soothing”and describes well its properties. Take a closer look and discover the spherical geometry and evolving, fractal-like, spiral pattern hidden in its design.

The head of the lamp is made of gourd from Mali. Its diameter is 31cm.
The design is based on the spiral charted with mathematical precision. The whole fractal-like pattern grows and evolves between the top and the bottom so there are no two identical parts of the pattern.
The perforation is made with drills of 20 different diameters and the number of holes drilled is about 29930 (+/- 50).
The white carvings are the deeper layers of wood which allow some light to pass through it.
The Nepenthis is the first floor lamp which head can be separated from the base. This innovation makes opening part of the lamp not needed anymore, which results in the lack of the light trace that slightly influenced the light effects. It also extremely increases the safety during the shipping.
The supporting spine is finished with black jewelry waxed cord.
The base created by Lech Kostyszak from Unique Wood Design is made of Sapele wood and its diameter is 32 cm.
The height of the whole lamp is 163 cm.

The interior session was taken in Loft Aparts.



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