APRIL 2012


The lamp is made of Senegalese gourd.
The geometry of the pattern is charted on a base of dodecahedron. Shorter 6,5cm thorns are placed on the vertices of dodecahedron and longer 9,5cm are in the center of each pentagon. So there is 20 shorter and 12 longer thorns.
The pattern of the white strip was developed from three “trefoil knots”. Each one was modified in particular way to connect it with other. So finally it is one continuous strip 320cm long.
The lines that divide the strip into parts are lines going from the center of each of the twelve pentagons – 5 to the vertices, 5 to the midpoints of the edges and 10 angle bisectors. So each pentagon is divided into 20 parts and that’s why there is 240 parts on the strip.
The carving depth on each one is not constant to make the shading effect.
Thorns are made from beech wood, painted with natural oil and finished with brown jeweller waxed string.
On the bottom of the lamp is closing part locked by small magnets.
The diameter of the gourd is 19,5cm, lamp is 32cm high. The dictance between the tops of the opposite longer thorns is 38,5cm.

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