MARCH 2014


Nature and math are an ocean of inspiration. The organic pattern of that butterfly lamp contains three structures (plus butterflies main lines) and each of them is based upon Voronoi diagram – one of those mathematical oddities (like fractals) that turn up frequently in the world of nature.

The head of the lamp is made of Senegalese gourd. Its diameters are 27 and 23cm.
The thickness of the gourd is about 1cm so the structure is quite deep and it is carved on three different depth levels.
The height of the whole lamp is 48cm.
The diameter of the base is 28cm and it is finished with dark brown jeweler waxed string.
The end of the base is carved from wood.
On the top of the lamp is closing part locked with little magnets.

Here you can see some shots from the process of creating the lamp.

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