JUNE 2015


Ribbon-like, carefully perforated and sculpted pattern based on a precisely drawn grid, winding shapes defined by light on the walls and a ruby on the top are the main features of that handmade table lamp.

The head of the lamp is made of Senegalese gourd.
Its diameters is 20 cm. The height of the whole lamp is 22 cm.
The base created by Lech Kostyszak from Unique Wood Design is made of American Nut wood.
The diameter of the base is 18,5 cm.
The perforation is made by drills of 18 diameters differing by only 0,1 mm.
The white carvings are the deeper layers of wood which allow some light to pass through it.
On the top of the lamp there is a 15mm wide star ruby embedded.

Here you can see some shots from the process of creating the lamp.

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