The light of this complex, fractal-like pattern with evolving symmetry, shines through over 20 thousand holes.
As the result, the mesmerizing light patterns of this handcrafted lamp cover every surface within the range of the light.

“Cantamen” in Latin means spell, charm, magic sentence; Cantamena also turns on its charm in every room, transforming it into an otherworldly place.

At night it shows its second nature and fills the space with magnetizing, complex light patterns.

Fractal Table Lamp by Calabarte
Light And Shadows by Table lamp Cantamena. Calabarte

Light And Shadows by Table lamp Cantamena. Calabarte

Table lamp Cantamena reflects the beauty of the symmetry in every detail and at any scale.

The big circles evolve from the top of the lamp according to the same principle. What’s more, they refer to the complex, perforated pattern which surrounds them.

Fractal Lamp, Symmetrical Design
Intricate pattern and beauty of symmetry.

This unique lamp is covered by exactly 20,042 holes in 18 different diameters. To achieve the best light effects they had to be drilled precisely in the direction of the light source. Also, the place of every single hole was well-thought-out and marked.

Creating Calabarte Lamp Cantamena. Geometry, Art and Design
Calabarte, The process of making the lamp. Symmetry and Craft

As you can see, the perforation contain dozens of the complex smaller and bigger circles. In fact, there are 321 circles of 43 different types (depending on the size and type of the symmetry).

Handcrafted lamp by Calabarte. Circle design
Handcrafted lamp by Calabarte. Detail

Fractal design, Table lamp Cantamena by Calabarte
Intricate pattern and beauty of symmetry.

Cantamena features an elements extremely characteristic for the Calabarte handcrafted table lamps: the spiral base (finished with black jeweler waxed cord) and carved wooden end with the logo burned on it.

Although imitated by many, the shape of the original Calabarte base is one of a kind and its structure is kept as a secret by the artist.

Handcrafted Unique table lamp by Calabarte

And finally, just have fun…



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