The story of the Calabarte lamps is the one of how a passion and devotion for a handmade craft evolved into a new standard in contemporary applied art.
However the road was long; it took eight years and many sacrifices to perfect his craft.

It all began in 2009, when, for the first time, Przemek Krawczyński (born in 1983) accidently came across the gourd fruit. As soon as he made his first gourd lamp he knew that he wanted to make another.
Exploring the play of light, the mesmerizing way in which it can change an ordinary interior into a warm, enchanted landscape, soon became his greatest passion.

Luckily, this passion has found a fertile ground to develop upon: artistic inclinations combined with a scientific mind and education backround.
After all, Krawczyński studied Civil Engineering and used to work in an architecture studio. His interest in geometry and the works of artist like M.C Escher, as well as pinpoint accuracy proved to be unexpected allies, when turning his artistic visions into reality.

However, the desire to devote himself to lamp making finally won in 2010 when he decided to quit his studies and job.

“Going out on a limb” was a daring step, but this was the turning point which finally made it possible for Przemek to devote all his time to mastering his skills.
Shortly afterwards he made a trip to Senegal (to explore West-African music and culture), and this is when he bought his first African calabashes. Since then, they have become the raw material for his lamps and all his intricate, fractals-like patterns started to be translated to the gourd.
Since Przemek has always strived for the highest precision and quality, gradually his handmade lamps began to capture the attention of acknowledged design magazines and websites all around the world.

This growing popularity is very motivating, but… Krawczyński stays faithful to his principles: instead of devoting his time to making more and more lamps, he devotes himself to making each piece even more astonishing.

So in any given year only three people in the world can become the owners of Calabarte creations.


Some of the printed magazines where articled about Calabarte lamps were published.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”
− Ralph Waldo Emerson