Calabarte Jewelry Designs


Lacrima is one of the first models designed back in 2015. The richness of the plants sunken in resin goes hand in hand with the organic perforated carving. The form and delicate elegance of this artistic jewelry seems to be timeless.
“Lacrima” in Latin means drop or a tear. These handcrafted earrings look as if they were flowing down a woman’s neck attracting the attention of everyone in her presence.
Lacrima is a sensual shape and the sophistication of nature itself.

Lacrima is a sensual shape and the sophistication of nature itself.

Lacrima Pendants


Persea is a second model of earrings that I designed right after the Lacrima. Here, you may notice a distinctive evolution of the form. Two separate spaces with embedded plants open new arrangement possibilities. The perforated carvings enrich this artistic jewelry with lightness and organic character.

Persea is the search for new paths and the discovery of infinite possibilities.

Persea Pendants

Alterity Pendants

Alterity is the new design of pendants and these are the most unique pieces among the Calabarte jewelry so far.

“Mosaic wood” consists of several different kinds of wood. There are also pieces where mosaic wood is combined with other kinds of wood.

The result is a unique pendant with an organic but also modern and so eye-catching look. The richness of the plants embedded in resin adds to this artistic jewelry even more life and colors.


Asarium handcrafted earrings is one of my latest projects. Extremely difficult and time consuming leaf structure carving makes them exceptionally precious. This model consists of a very feminine composition of wild flowers.

Asarium is like the beauty of nature itself. Despite the apparent similarities, no two shapes and forms are alike.


Nemuria, just like a woman, appeals to many senses. You can feel the textured surface of the perforated part of the earings contrasting with the silky gloss of the wood and resin. This handcrafted jewelry is a firm character of the form combined with a delicate softness in the perforated complement.

Nemuria is like a mysterious forest concealing wild plants.

Cersis & Thuja