Escher's Leaves

Escher’s Leaves

Extremely organic, yet precisely charted spiral-based pattern of this handcrafted table lamp was inspired by work of the great M.C. Escher, created in 1944.

Escher’s Leaves was definitely the most challenging lamp for me in terms of the amount and difficulty of the carving work. It gave me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction also because the work of M.C. Escher was always a huge inspiration to me.

This organic lamp is kind of my tribute to this genius graphic artist.

In 30 Seconds

For about 5 months, on every stage of work, I recorded the rotating gourd from the same angle, with the same exposure and speed.

In the end, all videos were edited into one, showing how the gourd has become the unique piece of art – the “Escher’s Leaves”.


Symmetry and Balance

The original work of M.C.Escher was built on a rectangular grid. I have built the leaf design on my lamp on the spherical, spiral grid to create evolving, symmetrical and continuous leaf forms being in perfect balance.

The subtle beauty of geometry and the negative space pattern is clearly visible.


Although perforation of most of my lamps is drilled, in case of the Escher’s Leaves the whole gourd is carved, including the openwork leaves which structure is based upon the Voronoi diagram.

The texture of the dark contours was made with a very precise wood burner and it’s been the first of my lamps where I have applied this technique.

That makes the “Escher’s Leaves” probably the most labor-intensive of all Calabarte lamps so far.

On my BLOG you can learn more about the process of creating this lamp.

To Every Detail

In the Escher’s Leaves, I wanted the highest quality and uniqueness to be visible in every detail.

The base is finished with black jeweler waxed cord and the openwork ending part is carved from wood. Its motif is closely related to the main pattern of the lamp.

At the bottom of the head, there is a Calabarte logo burned.


Mood Lighting by Night

By day “Escher’s Leaves” brings the distinctive beauty as the unique sculpture while at night flowing and calming light patterns create a peaceful mood in every interior.

Enchanting Photos

The aim of this session was to go beyond the lamp as an object itself and to use it and its light as an element of the enchanting, fairy-tale photographs, loosely referring to nature and Slavic mythology, where the leafy light effects created by the lamp seem to awaken ethereal, sensual forest beings.

The photographs were taken by rewarded Polish photographer
Magdalena Franczuk.

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