It was a short but fantastic adventure and experience but what’s more important a great privilege that my work was selected to be exhibited on this amazing event.

Homo Faber Event is a major cultural exhibition dedicated to fine craftsmanship and it took place on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, Italy.
There were 15 exhibitions, 850 unique works of 400 designers and artisans from 43 countries.

Here you can learn more about what Homo Faber is:

Here I would like to show you some pictures I took and tell more about my experience.

Because of the nature of the exhibition’s space, the organizers wanted to show my pendant lamp. However, I do not make pendant lamps since 2011 so I decided to show the lampshade of my latest floor lamp Cirvinea as a pendant lamp.

In one of the pictures you can see the space of the Next of Europe (one of the exhibitions) and my lamp. Unfortunately due to exhibition space being well lit the light effects were hardly visible.

Could be better, but I don’t want to complain. Despite this issue, the fact of being selected for this event was a big honor and a sign of appreciation to me.


I took pictures of many beautiful artworks but the amount and variety of different techniques and materials was overwhelming.

You can see some of these pictures in my post on Facebook fanpage or you can
check Homo Faber Event E-Catalogue to see all the artworks with more info.

I’ve been in Venice for 3,5 days. Not so long but I spent many hours discovering and getting lost in the tiny quaint streets. I love to take pictures and Venice gives a lot of great opportunities for photographers.

Venice is beautiful, inspiring and charming. It is also a bit shabby and very commercial. You can find many beautiful pieces of art and craft there but a lot of cheap trash too. These are some of the faces of Venice.
I am grateful for this time and experience.

Yes! I’ve was there!  But I’m very bad at taking selfies đŸ˜‰

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ahmet · 14:01 · 12/04/2024 - Reply

My friend, you are a very humble and rare artist from a different world.

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