That Transforms

I often mention that Calabarte lamps can completely change an interior and add a touch of magic to it. Is this just trite sales talk, or is there any science behind it…?

The effects of a single lamp can dramatically change the colour of the walls; it can highlight but often ruin the decor and can make flaws less or more visible.

Is it simply because we see less in dimmed light? Not exactly.



Did you know that a low interior can be optically „raised” when the high lighting is placed directly under the ceiling? And vice versa – high walls can be visually shortened when the lighting is placed lower, with its light source directed downwards. A cramped, small room can be made much bigger due to numerous light sources in different positions etc.

I have noticed this particularly in the interiors of hotel apartments situated in a 19th-century factory (Loft Aparts), where some of the Calabarte lamps have been photographed. The height of the walls within one apartment varied dramatically, as they featured both entresols and low, ribbed vaults. Depending on the setting of the lamp, the proportions of the interiors were changing significantly.

The Colours We See

At night, the wrong lighting can distort the chosen colour of the walls and furniture. Firstly, because of the colour of the light itself, and secondly, because of the bulb type.

LEDs, fluorescents, incandescents and halogens – they all have different qualities. For instance – the halogens (I used in the past) and LEDs which I use now have warm light and also tend to make colours appear more vibrant.

Under some circumstances, this may be the desired effect, while other times – not. One should also bear in mind that objects can actually absorb colours. As you can see, the art of lighting is more complex that one may think!


We Enjoy The Light

Provided that a person is driven by purely aesthetic reasons and not by a lights practical use  (e.g. illuminating a desk for work), clues can be found in a study conducted by David Loe and John Flynn. They proved that people prefer to see brightness than to sit directly in it. Moreover, brightness can help to concentrate whereas dimmed light will have a more soothing effect.

A perfect compromise which I’m striving for is a warm light which calms you, while at the same time creating eye-catching visuals that keep you conscious and intrigued.

Such lighting is also perfect for creating… an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

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