If you wonder how to buy Calabarte lamps, please notice that the new lamps available for sale appear in around 3-5 monthly intervals, so one cannot buy them for most time of the year.
The lamp can be purchased only directly from Przemek Krawczyński.
To check if there are lamps for sale at the moment, please visit the „LAMPS FOR SALE” page.
The information about the publication of a new lamp are sent via Calabarte Newsletter and published on Calabarte social profiles.
If you would like to be informed about the new lamps and other important news, please Subscribe to Calabarte Newsletter:


Calabarte lamps are not made on order. All the older lamps that can be seen in the gallery have already been sold and they will be not copied. The rule of a thumb is that each and every Calabarte lamp is unique and one of a kind. That is why you cannot find the prices of already sold lamps on the website – firstly, they are not for sale anymore an there will be no copies; secondly, the prices keep changing in time.


The price of Calabarte lamps depends on their size, design and intricacy.
The minimal cost for the table lamp like Leaferis is currently around 11,000.00 USD /9,700.00 EUR.
The cost of a table lamp like Escher’s Leaves or big floor lamp like Nepenthis is at least 20,000.00 USD / 19,000.00 EUR.


– To make it equally possible for the potential buyers from different time zones to purchase the lamp, it will be available for sale for 8 hours from the moment of putting it for sale.
– The price of the lamp and the exact date and time of putting it for sale will be given couple days before, via Calabarte Newsletter and in the description of the lamp.
– If you are interested in purchasing the lamp, please send your request via [email protected] (before or during “8 hours period”).
– If more than one purchaser is willing to buy the lamp, the access to special custom auction page will be given to each potential buyer. Read more about it here. This is easy and comfortable way for each person to place an offer and to be up to date with the highest current offer.
– If there will be only one purchaser, the lamp can be sold for the price given.
– If there will be no purchasers willing to buy the lamp before and during “8 hours” period, after that time the lamp will be sold to the one who expressed her/his desire to buy it as the first.


The shipping cost is included in the cost of a lamp.
Calabarte lamps are made in Poland and they can be shipped worldwide.
They have already been sent to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Netherlands, England, Denmark, France, Belgium and other countries.
The lamps are sent in especially reinforced box specifically prepared for their transport.