Nature and Art

I believe that nature creates the most beautiful art, full of colors, shapes and textures. Nature is often the source of our fondest memories. The smell of a sunny meadow or a misty forest can instantly bring back images and emotions hidden deeply in our minds.

I would like to give you a piece of natural beauty in a form of a unique jewelry that I have created. I want to share with you both my love for nature and my craft experience.

 The harmonious combination of carefully dried plants enchanted inside the resin and the warmth and lightness of a precious wood makes every Calabarte earring a tiny piece of art.

Created for women who are aware of their true nature.

Piece of Art

My approach to creating jewelry is no different to the one I manifest while carving my lamps. I always pour all my heart into my work and I am fully focused on the process. I value the quality and uniqueness of the craft above all.

In my creations I use specific kinds of wood. What distinguishes them from others is their durability, intriguing texture as well as their exquisite aesthetics. Calabarte earrings are made of a thousand years old black oak, luscious red padouk, decorative amaranth wood or a fiery Australian lace sheoak, to mention a few.

HERE you can learn more about the wood my jewelry is made of.

The flowers and other plants embedded in my jewelry come from the meadows of lubuskie region of Poland. They are dried in a very careful manner to preserve their natural shape and beauty.


A New Passion

Calabarte earrings are the result of my fondness for the wild plant life, natural materials and finding creative passion in handcraft. Since 2009 I have been creating unique handcrafted gourd lamps.

In 2015, following an idea of my girlfriend Lena, we created a collection of jewelry using gourd’s ‘wood’. It was a new and inspiring experience for me. Several years later, as a married couple, we intended to get back to that project, but life had other plans. We didn’t get that chance.

In 2019 Lena passed away following a terminal illness .

The urge to create jewelry kept coming back to me and so did new ideas. However, this time I wished to use the natural beauty of different kinds of wood. I’ve been searching for a way to capture the uniqueness of real plants in my earrings. I experimented a lot with new materials, techniques and plants. I aimed at reaching perfection.

That is how I developed my new passion, which in turn gave birth to Calabarte Jewelry.