When it comes to picking the calendar, it’s often a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. We all need calendars, but if they’re practical, they’re often unattractive. If they’re nice, there’s no space for the notes. But this year, we put an end to that dilemma by creating something groundbreaking and stunningly elegant.

Tasty photographs of mysterious forest creatures and magical light. The cover of Calabarte Calendar is a promise of a wonderful adventure.
This limited-edition, elegant wall calendar has been created by the renown artists.

Two In One: Calendar That Is A Piece Of Art Without Losing Its Practicality

Created by artists, but ultimately functional. Now you can change your working space or average room into the stylish, inspiring enclave that will make your good taste clear to others. Still, this big wall calendar will be also a practical tool for work.

The pages of this A3 calendar are not only beautiful, but also long-lasting and functional.
The high-quality pages of Calabarte Calendar are not only beautiful. This wall calendar is simply functional and has a lot of space for your important notes.

7 Reasons Why the Calabarte Calendar Is Probably the Best Wall Calendar You Can Have:

• You can enjoy the beautiful light effects of valued Calabarte lamps without the necessity of buying the lamp

• The photograps were taken by Magdalena Franczuk, rewarded Polish photographer, so each is a limited piece of art

• It has the lined, practical boxes for your notes

• It features international holidays for 7 countries

• You will possess something exceptional, as there are only 500 copies of this exclusive Calabarte Calendar

• Every copy is signed by hand by Przemek Krawczyński, the founder, and owner of the Calabarte brand

• The highest quality of thick paper will make the Calendar serve you throughout the whole year without losing its shape


YES, I want this Calendar!
Calabarte Calendar will match every stylish interior, adding a scent of magic and elegance to it.
The mystery behind the photographs will make this calendar a magical element of your home decor.

What’s The Main Motif in Calabarte Calendar?

The series of beautiful, fairy-tale photographs is loosely referring to nature and Slavic mythology, where the leafy light effects created by the “Escher’s Leaves” lamp seem to awaken ethereal, sensual forest creatures*.

A wonderful light of the luxurious lamp, "Escher's Leaves" is the main motif of this wall calendar
The light of "Escher's Leaves", is the main motif of Calabarte Calendar
Beautiful forest creatures referring to Slavic mythology and folklore can accompany you throughout the new year on the pages of this wall calendar
Beautiful forest creatures referring to Slavic mythology and folklore.

*There’s also a surprise: Przemek Krawczyński himself appears in one photograph.

Finally A Great Gift For Men, Women, Mothers, Husbands, And Grandparents

It’s tasty, inspiring and artistic. The refined photographs make this A3 calendar a wonderful gift for literally every lover of art.  What’s more, we will pack it neatly and send straight to them, if you wish.

Calabarte Calendar is probably the most delightful a3 wall calendar for 2018. We believe it's a wonderful gift.
A perfect gift for a man a woman; a wonderful present for moms and dads. This wall calendar is so elegant and practical that not only art connoisseurs will enjoy it

What If I Won’t Like the Calendar?

We’re sure you will look at this beautiful wall calendar with pleasure and sense of having something unique.

The famous quality of Calabarte lamps can be easily seen: you won’t find a single mistake in the labyrinth of little holes and carvings made by a hand and the same approach of the highest quality has been applied to our Calendar.

However, if you don’t enjoy it, you can send it back to us and we’ll give you your money back.

Clicking this button doesn’t mean you have to buy anything, but it’s worth remembering that Calabarte Calendar comes in only 500 copies and will probably be available only until the end of December.

May your whole 2018 be as tasty, organized and full of warm light as our Calabarte Calendar!